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Get Involved

We invite you to join us in this exciting work.

You can be part of the GRF team in a number of ways:

In the studios

  • You could become a member of the voluntary, studio-based team, meeting weekly at GRF’s studios in Glasgow city centre to contribute to the making of programmes or the administration of the organisation.

Beyond the studios

  • You could become a Prayer Partner. Prayer partners pray for GRF and often support GRF financially. They receive regular news of GRF’s work and sometimes distribute information about GRF in their own church or fellowship.
  • You could become an Action Stations Supporter. The Action Stations scheme is ideal for those who are interested in what GRF does but do not feel that they can be a regular Prayer Partner (perhaps because they are already committed to other missions or charities). The scheme is only activated if GRF finds that it needs to raise some money urgently for a specific and important project (which could be a programme series for transmitting overseas or perhaps a replacement for some equipment which has failed). Action Stations Supporters are willing to make a small financial contribution when they receive such an appeal.
  • You could become a GRF Ambassador. GRF Ambassadors have access to weekly updates about the work of GRF and, as much as they are able, keep their own church or fellowship aware of the work of GRF. This can include information for church magazines and notice sheets, briefing material for prayer meetings and visits by members of the GRF studio team to the church or fellowship to take part in meetings or services.
  • You could become a Trust Supporter. The work done by GRF is well aligned with the aims and objectives of many Trusts. GRF has been supported by a range of trusts at various points throughout the last 60 years, sometimes for specific projects and sometimes for core funding. GRF is seeking to broaden that range though future partnerships with both existing and new Trusts.
  • You could become a Legacy Supporter. Over the years, some people  have chosen to remember GRF in their will.