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The GRF Team

GRF’s programmes are made, as they have been for 60 years, by an inter-denominational team of volunteers working mainly in the evenings and at weekends.

  • The GRF team changes and evolves but averages about 20 members in size at any one time; people who balance studies, work and family life with their commitment to Christian radio.
  • Team members come from all walks of life and bring a rich diversity of life experience and faith. Some team members have been with GRF for nearly 40 years. Others have joined us within the last few months.

But the GRF team is much wider than than those who meet every week to make the programmes. The work of GRF would not be possible without the support of a wide range of individuals, groups, fellowships and churches who maintain a prayerful interest in what GRF is doing and contribute to the costs which are necessary to keep GRF going.

  • Trusts and other grant-making organisations also play a role, supporting specific projects and providing funds for the core costs which GRF must meet in order to operate effectively.
  • And not to be forgotten are the wider families of team members. Without their support, in all sorts of practical ways, the weekly work of GRF would be much more difficult.

Please contact us if you would like to get involved in the work of GRF in any way, or to discuss with us your programming needs.